Via San Vito di Sopra 22
50026 San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Firenze - Italy



Your holidays in Chianti

in a medieval historical castle


Poggiolato is situated in an enchanting position overlooking the river Pesa in the heart of the Chianti region.
Due to its strategic position high above the valley through which runs an ancient Roman road (Via Cassia) in around 1000a.c. a tower was erected on the site.
It was not until 13tth Century/14th Century with the rich Florentine merchants investing vast amounts in land ownership in the Chianti region that Poggiolato was developed from its initial ‘tower’ to the stately home that it became, being owned by the noble Cavalcanti family. In fact, in 1255 Guido Cavalcanti was born here – he was a famous literary person of the time and had close ties with Dante Alighieri.
The Cavalcanti family came off worst during the Guelf and Ghibelline feud as they were on the losing side of the Guelfs.
Following the Ghibelline victory at Monteaperti in 1268 the Guelfs found themselves at the hands of the angry Ghibellines who went round setting fire to several noble properties in the Valdipesa area – amongst which was the Castello di Montecalvi owned by the Cavalcanti noble family. It seem possible that ‘ Poggiolato’ suffered the same fate as during restoration work on the tower, under old plastering, there is evidence of a fire having taken place. Also, in an old roof tile, a rough drawing has been found showing the tower to have turrets – hence have the appearance of a ‘castle’. Could ‘Poggiolato’ be the Castello di Montecalvi ?
Further building work took place in 1575 to enlarge the property – as is testimony from an inscription on a stone dated 30th September of that yearThe present owners, Ugo and Marisa Peruzzi, purchased the property in 1998 and with great tenacity and enthusiasm have restored Il Poggiolato to its former glory.

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