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Your holidays in Chianti

in a medieval historical castle


The territory of Chianti is famous all over the world for its wine and for valleys and hills covered with vineyards and olive-groves, alterned by green spaces covered with oaks, cypresses and pines.
Ancient suburbs, parishes, abbeys, towered castles, fortresses and villa-farms, form an unique architectural landscape that perfectly become integrated with the nature of the territory.
It seems that Etruschi, of whom we have numerous archeological finds, have started for first the growing the grapewine.
Subsequently Romans settled here and then in the Middle Age it was the scene of violent wars among Florence and Siena, that finished only halves 1500, with the defintive defeat of Siena's Republic.
Chianti have a cultural and artistic patrimony of great value, preserved in the local museums. Often these museums are small, but however important for the value of the exposed works and above all for the cultural identity of this territory. They are real jewels picked up in a system of diffused museum promoted from the Province of Florence and methaphorically called "the necklace of pearls".
The ownership of Poggiolato extends him on around 5,5 hectares, composed from vineyards, olive-groves and woods, where it's possible to make excursions to admire the amazing view of the surrounding valleys and hills.
Our environments, elegantly restructured and furnished according to the ancient local characteristics, they offer complete relax for the body and for the mind.

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